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Thursday, May 31, 2012

How Important is the BLING?

Now this is one very interesting topic.For me when it comes to blings,i think less is definitely more but i also believe that every woman deserves that one special or should i say large bling on her big day.So today i'm going to be posting five celebrity rings that caught my attention.

No. 5 on our list is Mark Zuckerberg,who opted for a non-traditinal ring for his wife Priscillia.A ruby rock.Seems Markie is a simple guy.

No. 4 although the marriage lasted just 72 days,that bling definitely didn't.Kim Kardashian deceided to keep her 20.5 diamond  ring from ex Kris Humphries when their marriage didn't work out.

No.3 Bling is the 5 carat oval shaped diamond ring set in platinum and rose gold that Tom Cruise gave to Katie Holmes.Don't you just love that beauty?

No. 2 is Miss Posh Spice herself.Mrs David Beckham with her 3-carat marquise cut diamond embraced with a trillion on each side ring

No. 1 is the number one Diva herself.Miss Mariah Carey aka Mimi aka Mrs Cannon and her 2.5 million dollars ring from Jacob and co.

These stars sure know how to pick 'em.Which brings me back to my question 'How important is the Bling?

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