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Thursday, June 28, 2012

ANkara DEsigns.The New Fashion Craze?

More and more designers are incorporating the Ankara Fabric into their design collections.These days on runway shows,we see the fusion of foreign and African prints by both local and international designers.Celebs like Gwen Stephany,Beyonce and Alicia Keys have worn designs made from this African prints.

For Africans who grew up with this Prints as a traditonal attire,it is quite fascinating to see it get international recognition.Ankara is no longer seen as a cheap cloth or wrapper but a sophisticated fabric which much is created from.

Today i'll be showcasing some designs from Vlisco,one of the leading Ankara Fabric Designers.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Sexiest Man in Norway and his Girlfriend.
Norway's Sexiest man Odd-Magnus Williamson has deceided to move in with his model girlfriend Tinashae Bakasa Roll.Wishing them bliss.

Royal Ascot Fashion Hats.You like?

Our very own Caroline Ekanem Danjuma,looking Divine.

Monday, June 25, 2012

What Is Your Definition Of Style???

Style to me,is the comfort zone of every woman,in terms of Fashion.What makes you feel both sexy and beautiful at the same time.Some people have a very loud and outrageous style,while others relate to the ' less is More' rule.So which is it for you?

One woman,who always does it for me,though is no other than the First Lady of the Unites States of America,Mrs Michelle Obama.She has a sophisticated style and never looks like she tries too hard.So here are a few pics of some of her Stylish Moments.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Five Colourful Earrings for the Summer.
Braided Multicolour ed Earrings.
Johanne Mills Red Vinyl Earrings.
Sandy Hyun ''Deco Lucite'' Opaque Lucite Aztec Earrings.
A.V Max Cord Drop Earrings.
Asos Neon Trio Drop Earrings.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Five Ways to Accessorize Hollywood Style.

Now when i say accessorize,people immediately think of the norm like jewelries,handbags,shoes etc but in Hollywood accessorizing means a whole lot more.There's always a new accessory craze every season and it's not what you think. Just for Laughs.

No. 5  Wanna accessorize like a hollywood celebrity,then get you Pup in hand.Hollywood celebrities are known to accessorize with a pet.

No. 4   Another important accessory for hollywood celebrities is the Bling.So if you wanna accessorize like a star be sure to have  'That Perfect Bling' on display.

No. 3  In Hollywood,it's always a case of 'Out with the Old and In with the New'.Most celebrities don't  hold on to things too long.So if you're thinking of accessorizing like an A-lister,make sure you always have a 'New Boy-toy' accessory on your arm.

No. 2 The baby bumping craze is a new accessory that's getting huge.Most female celebrities have to baby bump in style and what better way to do it,than to get preggers.Wanna baby bump like a celeb?Get Pregnant;)
No 1  Hollywood accessory is 'The Baby' accessory.Almost every celebrity has one on their arm,these days.Wanna accessorize like a celebrity then have a baby.

There you have it.Five ways to accessorize Hollywood style.You like?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Colour Me Sexy.
Lipstick shades for every woman.
Brands such as Ysl,Shiseido,Mac,Sisley and Tf(Tom Ford) are known for their variety of vibrant  Colours.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Scent Of A Woman.
Five Fragrances to add to your perfume collection.
Daisy by Marc Jacobs.
Escada has got some fantastic scents you need to try.

Midnight Poison by Dior.
Omnia Amethyste Bvlgari for women.
Armani Code by Giorgio Armani.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

How Do You Like your Men?

Ok ok *Clears Throat* This is a very interesting topic for the ladies.It was Fathers Day yesterday and the whole celebration got me thinking.Since i started blogging,i have only posted about women and Fashion or Style related to women but today,i'm going to shake things up a bit.In honour of all the Fathers,brothers,uncles and grandfathers out there.
OUCH! I just had to put up his pic:)
The question is 'How do you like your men Ladies?...Style,that is:)Do you like a manly man,well put together from head to toe or a boyish man with his boyish or should i say baggy style,sneakers and all?
Here are a few guys,that i think look good in their own Style.
I just love Pharrell's style.He cleans up really well.
Jay Z,Usher and Kanye are men who always look stylish either way.
Jude Law,David Beckham and Robert Patterson,are examples of Well-put together.Manly men.
A gallery of Mens' Fashion from Calvin Kleins' 2011/12  collection.
Boyish baggy jeans from Gilded Jeans.

Whatever works for you.Y'all have to admit that every stylish woman loves a stylish  man by her side.
Summer Day to Night Looks.

This will be my No.1 pick for the perfect day to night look.Fit for work and a night out too.
For people who have to work this summer,it must be very frustrating when friends give you a call asking you to hang out.With a busy summer schedule and not enough time to make it home for a change of outfits,there's  an easy way out.Here are some ideas on ways to turn your day office looks into night looks this season.
This is another outfit that can be worn with sweats or a blazer to work and  worn alone to hit the town.
Jeans are perfect for any occasion.Pair them with a tank top and sweats for your day look and for your night look,the sweats come off.
On a warm sunny day,these shorts  would go perfectly for a day at work and a night  with the girls.
Easy does it all day with this outfit.Need i say more?

These are my looks,are you inspired?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Blaze Up that Look!

I'm a big fan of Blazers and jackets and if you live close to the North Pole in Norway,like i do,you'll understand that a normal day can have the whole four seasons in it,so you always have to go out prepared.Apart from that, i think Blazers and Jackets are trends that'll be very hard to fade away because they just add a lot of Chic to any outfit.So i'll be posting some pics of people who love to Blaze up their looks.

The Kardashians,Kim especially are known for their colourful blazers and Jackets.

Celebs Zoe Saldana,Jessica Alba,Mya and Beyonce are also fans of the blazed up look.
For a more serious look.
A perfect way to  colour block.
Other ways to Blaze up your looks.