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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Blaze Up that Look!

I'm a big fan of Blazers and jackets and if you live close to the North Pole in Norway,like i do,you'll understand that a normal day can have the whole four seasons in it,so you always have to go out prepared.Apart from that, i think Blazers and Jackets are trends that'll be very hard to fade away because they just add a lot of Chic to any outfit.So i'll be posting some pics of people who love to Blaze up their looks.

The Kardashians,Kim especially are known for their colourful blazers and Jackets.

Celebs Zoe Saldana,Jessica Alba,Mya and Beyonce are also fans of the blazed up look.
For a more serious look.
A perfect way to  colour block.
Other ways to Blaze up your looks.

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