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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Five Ways to Accessorize Hollywood Style.

Now when i say accessorize,people immediately think of the norm like jewelries,handbags,shoes etc but in Hollywood accessorizing means a whole lot more.There's always a new accessory craze every season and it's not what you think. Just for Laughs.

No. 5  Wanna accessorize like a hollywood celebrity,then get you Pup in hand.Hollywood celebrities are known to accessorize with a pet.

No. 4   Another important accessory for hollywood celebrities is the Bling.So if you wanna accessorize like a star be sure to have  'That Perfect Bling' on display.

No. 3  In Hollywood,it's always a case of 'Out with the Old and In with the New'.Most celebrities don't  hold on to things too long.So if you're thinking of accessorizing like an A-lister,make sure you always have a 'New Boy-toy' accessory on your arm.

No. 2 The baby bumping craze is a new accessory that's getting huge.Most female celebrities have to baby bump in style and what better way to do it,than to get preggers.Wanna baby bump like a celeb?Get Pregnant;)
No 1  Hollywood accessory is 'The Baby' accessory.Almost every celebrity has one on their arm,these days.Wanna accessorize like a celebrity then have a baby.

There you have it.Five ways to accessorize Hollywood style.You like?

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