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Friday, June 8, 2012

Footballers' Wives

The 2012 EuroCup is kicking off today with an opening match between Poland and Greece.Fans and non-fans of both teams are getting ready for the adrenaline pumping game.I like football or should i say soccer but i am not a devoted fan like some of my friends.Most times i follow Manchester united matches,when they are playing good and when it's almost half way into the finish,i get really bored you see.So sitting down in front of a t.v set for 90 or more mins to watch a couple of  good looking guys running around on a field,is definitely not my idea of fun.

What really interests me is, what happens afterwards,behind closed doors.All the gossip from cheating allegations,to the latest model some of them date.I think the women who are involved with these players should be given championship cups too because i bet it is not a very easy job to date or be married to a famous athlete.So organisers of all these championship matches,should put together a match for footballers' wives and girlfriends.I'm sure loads of people would love to see these hot ladies playing against eachother,i know i most definitely would.Lol(dreams)

Anyway,if such a thing was to happen,i would definitely like to see these five women on my team.
Irina Shayk,girlfriend of  Cristano Ronaldo,captain of the  Portugese national team.

Sylvie Van der Vaart,wife of  Real Madrids' Rafael Van  der Vaart.

Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice,wife of English player and international celebrity David Beckham.

Alex Curran,wife of liverpool player Steven Gerrard.

Wife of Samuel Eto who is a striker for the Russian team  Anzhi  Makhachkala.

These are my picks,what would yours be?Lets' fantasize a  lil today shall we?

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