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Sunday, June 17, 2012

How Do You Like your Men?

Ok ok *Clears Throat* This is a very interesting topic for the ladies.It was Fathers Day yesterday and the whole celebration got me thinking.Since i started blogging,i have only posted about women and Fashion or Style related to women but today,i'm going to shake things up a bit.In honour of all the Fathers,brothers,uncles and grandfathers out there.
OUCH! I just had to put up his pic:)
The question is 'How do you like your men Ladies?...Style,that is:)Do you like a manly man,well put together from head to toe or a boyish man with his boyish or should i say baggy style,sneakers and all?
Here are a few guys,that i think look good in their own Style.
I just love Pharrell's style.He cleans up really well.
Jay Z,Usher and Kanye are men who always look stylish either way.
Jude Law,David Beckham and Robert Patterson,are examples of Well-put together.Manly men.
A gallery of Mens' Fashion from Calvin Kleins' 2011/12  collection.
Boyish baggy jeans from Gilded Jeans.

Whatever works for you.Y'all have to admit that every stylish woman loves a stylish  man by her side.

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