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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer Day to Night Looks.

This will be my No.1 pick for the perfect day to night look.Fit for work and a night out too.
For people who have to work this summer,it must be very frustrating when friends give you a call asking you to hang out.With a busy summer schedule and not enough time to make it home for a change of outfits,there's  an easy way out.Here are some ideas on ways to turn your day office looks into night looks this season.
This is another outfit that can be worn with sweats or a blazer to work and  worn alone to hit the town.
Jeans are perfect for any occasion.Pair them with a tank top and sweats for your day look and for your night look,the sweats come off.
On a warm sunny day,these shorts  would go perfectly for a day at work and a night  with the girls.
Easy does it all day with this outfit.Need i say more?

These are my looks,are you inspired?

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