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Monday, June 4, 2012

Swimsuit Season

What better way to flaunt those curves than in a two-piece white number like this.
It's time to get out those swimsuits and strut our stuff on the beach or by the pool.One thing women,well i know i get embarrassed about is what type of swimsuit will fit my body type and i'm sure most women have a problem when shopping for the right kind of swimsuit that'll complement whatever shape or size we are.So today i have a selection of suits for every body type from slim to curvy and even bigger pregnant women.So let's take a look shall we...
For slim women who want to be sexy without showing too much.
This lacy one piece suit fits a well toned body.

This suit is cut and shaped in the right places for comfort and styl

Highwasted two piece.
Colourful suits for pregnant and curvier sistas.

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