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Friday, July 20, 2012

Bold and Beautiful: The bald Look.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,so they say.I believe every woman is beautiful in her own way.Our hair or skin colour does not define how beautiful we are.You have to feel beautiful to be truly beautiful because it is only us that have the power to truly say,i am beautiful and believe it.

With that said, i have been following,some really bold and beautiful women,who have deceided that the Bald look,works for them.Grace Jones and Sinead O' Connor,were one the first celebrity women to rock this look.Now,it seems more and more women are embracing it.It is a very edgy look that can either be loved or hated.In this case,it is so loved.

Here are a few pics of women,who rock the Bald Look,really well.
Charlize Theron.

Solange Knowles.
Amber Rose
Alek Wek
And this french model.Just to mention a few.

I for one,love the look but don't know if i can be as bold as this beautiful women.So what do y'all think about this new trend?

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