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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Saying Yes to the Dress. GAGABLE WEDDING DRESSES.

With all the weddings going on around me,i deceided to blog about the most important thing to a bride,well apart from the Bling,the wedding dress.Most brides put a lot of time in finding a perfect dress for that special day.Every dress is determined by the taste and style of each bride and we have designers who cater to the very different needs of every bride in creating That One Perfect Dress.

Today,i'm talking about those cringe-worthy moments when we come across those tacky brides.Moments when we can't help but gag at those horrible gowns.I always think that for people/designers to keep making these kinds of dresses then,it definitely means that more and more people are wearing them.

Here are five dresses,that have left me scratching my head.

This is a Chanel wedding dress.
This one,i don't get at all.
And this???
Another Chinese designer.SMH
This one is from a designer in China.

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