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Monday, July 9, 2012

Which Dress is You?

I basically love all colours.In my early twenties,i was more of a black outfit kinda girl.I was trying to find myself and i felt black suited me perfectly.It was an easy wear and it went with everything.As i grew older,i realised that there was more Elegance in other colours and i began to explore them.

So which dress is more you?Do you love the Lrds(little red dresses),the Lwds(little white dresses),the Lgds(Little gold dresses) or the Lbds(little black dresses)?Or are you just like me,who loves them all and wears every different one to different occasions?

Here are a few pics to help you deceide:).

Who doesn't want to be mysterious and Sexy in Black?

No one can resist the Lady in Red.
She radiates Class and Sex Appeal.
White is heavenly,it's pure.
You're like a treasure in Gold.

So,which colour is You?


  1. The red one looks soo sexy. who is she and who made the dress?

    1. The lady in the red ball dress is just a model.While the other black lady is called Iman,an ex-model and the owner of Iman cosmetics.

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