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Friday, October 26, 2012

The Return of The Shoulder pads.

Phew!It's been a while i blogged.The reason is,i have been very busy with life.It isn't easy joggling motherhood,business and housewife duties,not complaining though,i love having something to do.

Anyhoo,today i want to blog about shoulder pads.It's been a while since they graced the Fashion world.We were first introduced to them in the eighties.Back then,nothing and no-one went unpadded.At a point,it became chessy and we begged for it to go away and it did.Now,twenty something years later,it is back with a vengeance and i most admit that i'm loving the stylish way outfits are padded today.From dresses to tops and jackets,outfits are padded to give them a very sophisticated look.
Another reason i love the shoulder pads is,it's easy to style.Anyone can Chic an outfit up at home by just adding some pads on the shoulders.Before i write a whole page on how much i like their return,here are some famous women who agree with me.

What are you waiting for?Pad up those Looks today:)

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