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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


So, if you look at my profile, you'll see that apart from business and blogging, i am also an artist. I'm a singer and music has always been what i have done,my whole life. I started singing professionally from 1999 and i was in a band called the Geraldo Pino and his Extended family.We were the most popular band back then and our talents took us around Nigeria for shows.

In 2002,i was flown to Germany to perform for the out going President of Julius Berger company and in 2006,i deceided to go into the studio to do my own thing.Came out,with an album called 'Dance with me'.Let's just say that, that album made see what not to do in a future album:)

Fast forward to 2012, after having my baby.I found a group of talented people on the internet called Boogie Nights and i became one of them. After about two months of rehearsals and a photo shoot,we had our first gig,here in Trondheim, last weekend, the 25th of January,at a Pub called OlavsPub. I was a bit of a nervous wreck, since the show was my first real gig since 2009. At the end, it turned out to be a Great show and i so look forward to more shows with them.

Anyway, we stayed in a hotel called the Nova and i was able to take pics of my outfit,my preparation and get my boo to video us while singing.I have never really shared anything about myself on this blog,so i've decided to share some pics and a clip with you guys today:

Getting ready. My outfit of choice,Red peplum dress from  Aurafashion's 2012 collection.

Accessorized with Gold.
Shoes:Black,gold studded sandals.
The End Result: Me trying to get a shot that would show everything.Ignore the  unpolished nails...didn't  have  time to do them.

 At OlavsPub


  1. Wow beautiful Ora you look splendid nice one,,you rockkkkkk.

  2. Wow Ayo you look splendid babes,,,you rockkkkkk