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Friday, January 25, 2013

Yes! You can wear RED!

Fashion trends are all about what's in today and what's not. Some trends last longer while others fade away before you can say the word fade. I remember a while back when red lipsticks were a no no. They were replaced with lighter vibrant colours. It was believed that Red gave the face a heavier long and could make one look older. Well, guess what?Red is so back with a bang.The Redder the lips are the more volum it adds to your lips. Volum=Sex Appeal. Red can make your face pop without even trying too hard. It is a sensual look that can pass as a day or night look. Here's the tricky part, you can still get it wrong if you're not careful about how the rest of your face looks. The center of attention should be your lips, that means less makeup on your eyes and cheeks. Here are a few tips and pics on how to get away with this look:

Select the Red Lipstick: Most people are comfortable with wearing cool red but it is important to try other shades as well.

Clean and dry your lips in preparation: Try moisturizing your lips with a lip balm first, before applying.

Add a Lip-liner: The lip liner should be in the same shade as the lipsstick you are going to apply or you can use a nude colour.

To make your lips redder:  Get a brush and apply foundation around your lips.When applying don't forget the inside of your lips,cos when you smile the colour of your real lips could be a contrast to the red.

Once you are finished applying, slightly dap with a tissue. A coat of powder  can do wonders too,they last longer. Add a lipgloss.

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