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Friday, February 8, 2013

                                      More Trends for Spring/Summer 2013

I'm sure everyone,like me, is looking forward to Spring.Once,it's february,every year,i immediately start to see the Spring even though there's like two months of winter to go.I can't help myself you see,i always try to create some positivity through the winter;)

Anyhoo,i blogged about the Stripe trend a few days ago,so i deceided to just showcase some other trends to look out for this Spring/Summer of 2013.From colours,to Bold patterns and Statement jewelry,there are loads of fashion to look forward to this Spring.Here are some:

Bright Colours like Yellow are trendy this Spring/Summer.

Detailed shoes,Prints and metallic pointed heels are also  a trend to look out for Spring/Summer.

Huge Statement Jewelries are back this season too.

Makeup and Beauty tips for Spring 2013.


Green,Mint Green in outfits,jewelries and accessories are a yes,yes this Spring/Summer 2013.

Bold patterns in Black and White. 
Black and white patterns.

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