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Friday, May 10, 2013

Even Celebs Recycle/Rerock their Outfits.

So,we women love our clothes,accessories and jewelries,so much so that we could have a favourite dress,bag,shoe,necklace,earring e.t.c We also love to show off to other ladies too so we would love to appear like we wear an outfit only once,'speaking for myself now';),but no matter how many outfits and shoes and bags we have,we always find ourselves recycling some of them from time to time.Even Celebs recycle.

This post is dedicated to women who love to recycle.It is ok to still re-wear,that hat or dress or even shoe.So you don't always have to run to a boutique to get something new for every occasion:)Here are some pics of some celebs who love to recycle:

Kate Moss loves her  winter warmer,fur coat.

...and so does Sienna Miller

I had up to five pics of the Duchess recycling various outfits but i decided to go with this one.

Kiera Knightley who recently got married,recycled a dress she wore in 2008 ,as her wedding gown.

Lovely Eve Mendes is seen here recycling her bag and jeans.

There you have it ladies.What outfit or accessory do you recycle?

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