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Monday, May 6, 2013

The Battle of the Queens. Whose maternity style do you prefer?

One is literally a queen in making.She is the wife of Prince William,the duke of Cambridge and is the duchess of Cambridge,Miss Kate Middleton or should i say Mrs Kate William:) The other is the queen of reality television,one of the most photographed women in the world,Kim Kardashian alias Kim K, herself. Both women are pregnant at the same time and the media has been going gaga with updates of their entire pregnancies.
I am more interested in their maternity style.In,my opinion,The duchess of Cambridge has a more subtle sense of style while Kim is more provocative when it comes to her choices in fashion.They are both young,beautiful and very elegant and have both influenced young girls and women in different ways but which of them  would you take lessons from on how to look when pregnant?
To help you deceide,i have selected some pics of them both at different stages of their pregnancies.Enjoy!

So what do you think people?Who is the true Queen of Maternity Style?


  1. Will prefer Kate"s dressing as they are more calm and womanly lol!showing it all does not actually make one sexy but your composition and elegance brings out the real beauty in a woman.