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Monday, December 30, 2013


Merry Christmas everyone.I hope you all had a great celebration,i know i did;) It was a fun holiday,stressful but fun and it was so worth it at the end.
With just a few hours until New year,i deceided to blog one more time for 2013. 31st of december,every year,is so important to many.For some,it marks the last day of the old year while for others it is a day of thankfulness and a day to reflect on things.People celebrate this day differently,with family and friends.

What are your plans for that day?Staying home with family?Going out with that special one or with friends?Whatever plans you have,have you got the right outfit for that night?Well, i'm here to help you with ideas for the perfect New Year's Eve dress.I've got a few that i think would work well for the night.

This lace dress is a good pick for an elegant look.

This dress from Alyce will get you noticed.

Going to a ball?This black mermaid ball dress won by Gwen Stefany is Fab.

Keep it simple with an off shoulder sequinned dress.

Make people Green with envy with any of these green outfits.

Leather is always right!Mix it up for a calmer look.

Be Golden in a gold inspired outfit like this, worn by Kate Moss.

These are a few ideas for you.Go with what feels most comfortable for you.Whatever you do on the 31st,be safe.
Happy New year everyone.See you'all in 2014!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas DECO Inspiration and Ideas

Hey Y'all! How's everyone doing?

It's that time of year again,when everyone is excited and  nervous about the holidays.Women can't get enough to buy while men,can't wait for the period to go by.The kids on the other hand pray for this period every year.For a lot of them it is the time of the year that they are spoiled rotten;)

Apart from the fact that we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus,it is also a time for families to be together,it is a season of LOVE.I think this period is also one of the most stressful time of the year.There's just so much involved this time of the year.

For the first time in years,my house doesn't look so christmassy yet and that's because i have a curious 15month old running around the place,so we deceided that the decorations and christmas tree will go up a few days before christmas but it still hasn't stopped me from incorporating some red into my house though:) and ofcourse my advent candles are out and ready to burn:)

I want to talk about Christmas decorations.Some people love to go all out when decorating while others like a simple touch of christmas in their homes.Whatever way you like to decorate,i have got some ideas and inspirations for you today.

Advent candles are the easiest  and cheapest deco,you can have.Just put out four candles and Voila!You want to spice it up?Mix colours.

For those who cannot be bothered about getting a tree.This is an easy and also economical way to make a tree yourself.
Here's another time and money saving christmas tree idea.

This is a very nice and simple way to decorate your tree.The colourful presents light up the tree.
And for those who like to go all out, well the sky is your limit.)

 Now let's talk about the Christmas tables.Most people have their christmas dinners on the 24th and others on the 25th.Here are a few ideas on how to dress up your table for the Big meal:

You can have an all white table with a touch of red.
If you don't want to be too traditional,blue always looks good.

Here's another colour, idea.Purple!
If you're going to be traditional,This could work for you.

Have you got a fire place?This is a cosy way to  pimp it up this season.
Are you going to decorate on a budget?Whatever your answer is,i  wish you and your family the Best Christmas and New year  celebration ever. Seasons Greetings to you all.xxxx