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Monday, December 30, 2013


Merry Christmas everyone.I hope you all had a great celebration,i know i did;) It was a fun holiday,stressful but fun and it was so worth it at the end.
With just a few hours until New year,i deceided to blog one more time for 2013. 31st of december,every year,is so important to many.For some,it marks the last day of the old year while for others it is a day of thankfulness and a day to reflect on things.People celebrate this day differently,with family and friends.

What are your plans for that day?Staying home with family?Going out with that special one or with friends?Whatever plans you have,have you got the right outfit for that night?Well, i'm here to help you with ideas for the perfect New Year's Eve dress.I've got a few that i think would work well for the night.

This lace dress is a good pick for an elegant look.

This dress from Alyce will get you noticed.

Going to a ball?This black mermaid ball dress won by Gwen Stefany is Fab.

Keep it simple with an off shoulder sequinned dress.

Make people Green with envy with any of these green outfits.

Leather is always right!Mix it up for a calmer look.

Be Golden in a gold inspired outfit like this, worn by Kate Moss.

These are a few ideas for you.Go with what feels most comfortable for you.Whatever you do on the 31st,be safe.
Happy New year everyone.See you'all in 2014!

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