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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Past Oscars red carpet Hits and Misses

In the spirit of the Oscars Awards taking place tomorrow,i  have deceided to post about some of the past Oscars red carpet hits and misses.Everyone knows that celebrities don't always get it right on the red carpet but when they do,they always look perfect.
So,i want to showcase some of the celebrities that have got it right and others who had big misses. What do y'all think?
Who can forget Halle Berry in this breathtaking gown at the Oscars in 2002.

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior in 2013.People called it a miss but i love it.

Amy Adams in Oscar de la Renta in 2013
..and ofcourse the Queen of the Red carpet.Angelina Jolie in this tigh high split black dress in 2013.

Jennifer makes my hit list twice.She looks radiant in 2011.

Here are some celebrities on my Missed List:

I love Charlize but this was a big no no for the Oscars red carpet in 2013
Cher's infamous outfit in 1986.Even back then,it was a huge Miss.

Bjork's swan dress was a huge miss in 2001.

I love all these ladies especially Mariah and Sandra but this is a big hell No for 2013.

Uma looks like she is going to the October Fest and not a hollywood event in that in 2004

Who are you excited to see tomorrow?I want to see everybody and i hope there'll be less misses this year.Fingers crossed:)

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