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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring/Summer Must Haves

Hi all..It's been like a minute since i last blogged.I have been concentrating on my Instagram ,facebook and twitter profiles posting there to build up the pages.It's really exiciting and a bit stressful too,cause i like to be a bit different and not post about fashion or style that  every other blogger is posting about.
Anyhoo,i deceided to make out time to blog about Spring/Summer Must haves. Spring is upon us and in a little while summer will be upon us and i think it is very important for us to be up to date with the trend and to be ready to show off our different styles.
I am a less is more kinda girl,so i always want to look good but simple but still i try to follow up on trends each season.So here are my Spring/Summer Must have Picks:

Neon colours have been around since 2012 but they are still trendy this season.Add some colours in your wardrobe with  Acid Neon heels ,dress,skirt  or bangles.It makes your look pop out.

Denim shorts.Everyone should have a pair even guys.You can get these ones from Newlook.

Blues are also very trendy and you can get this whole collection of baby blues from Zara.

These jewelries are from David Craig.This season every woman should have feminine bangles in colours white,yellow or rose.Statement necklaces,Swininging tassles and danling trimmings in fringes.

Printed Swimwear are also a Must have.These ones can be bought from(left) Mara Hoffman and (right) Shore road.

Every woman should own a pair of ankle strap heels,Nude pumps and Voluminous skirts also know as the Midi skirts.

Here is a sexy way to wear boots in the summer.These Chistian Louboutin from sand boots are deifintely a must have.They can be worn anywhere and would be so appropriate.

Spring and Summer means lighter and brighter products.So why don't you try out any of these Ysl's tie dye nail Lacquers

Let's not forget to go floral.A floral jacket is totally needed this season.

So there you have it.These are a few Must haves that i think every lady should have this season.What do you'all think and what are your picks?