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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Are you Summer Ready?Part 3

                                                           Hair and Makeup

So this is my third and final list on neccessary summer essentials. Hair and makeup. Although  every woman can have whatever hair or makeup she chooses during the summer,there are just some specific trends that really suit the warm days.Here are a few of my suggestions:

The Bun
This is probably the easiest and best hair trend that goes well for every summer.It is a cool way to show off your face and neck and also suits any time of the day.

The Braids
For women of colour and maybe some women of other races,the braid hair trend is a perfect way to manage your hair through out the summer.It is easy to style and maintain and it is just a feel good kinda hair.

The Side braid
This is like a ponytail but on the side.If you can't be bothered with braids and want to wear your hair down without having it all over the place,then this is the perfect hair for you,this season.


For me a fresh-faced makeup is so perfect for the summer.It looks like you have almost no makeup at all and it's also a way of getting some sun and air into your pores. For a night look,you can do a smokey eye and wear a nude lipstick.

So there you have it. My complete list of your summer essentials. This is my list,so you can always make up yours.What do you guys think?Would you change anything?