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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall trends: How to wear an oversize sweater.

Wow! Hi everyone,it's been a long minute. I really apologise for not updating this blog as often as i used to but i have had too much on my plate for a while now and this just had to take a back seat. Anyhoo,i'm back and hopefully this time,i will do better :)

So we are officially in fall and i'm sure there are some people like me who are still in denial about the summer.We still get some warm sunny days and some of us try to get away with wearing some summer clothes and shoes but the colder it gets,the thicker our clothes become.

Let's talk about sweaters shall we? The Oversize sweater to be precise.I really love me an oversize sweater because it is a very fashionable way to stay warm this fall/winter.You can have layers of clothing underneath which keeps you warm and and which means that you wouldn't necessarily need a coat or jacket. I have selected some pics to illustrate how this trend can be worn differently depending on the occasion. I hope this post can inspire someone when next they want to dress up this season.
Here we go:
Depending on how big your sweater is or how skinny you are,you can wear it alone like a dress as shown here.Pair it with knee high boots to have an edgy look.

The easiest way to wear an oversize sweater is to pair it with leggings,tights or skinny jeans.

A big colourful scarf will add colour to your look as well as keeping you warm.

On warmer days you can replace those warm booties for heels and the pants for skirts.Paired with a pencil/mini skirt an oversize sweater can also look sexy.
What are you waiting for,go get yourself a oversize sweater today.

Did this post inspire you or do you have something else to add? Let us hear from you.Feel free to drop a comment. Stay safe everyone!