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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Christmas Party Outfit ideas

 It is the season for christmas parties at work places, friends and families,organisations e.t.c. The end of the year is always celebrated with these little or big gatherings. As much as alot of people look forward to these celebrations there are also loads of people who dread them for fear of not picking the right outfit.
Don't worry Ayoora is

People feel like since it is a christmas party the appropriate colour to wear is Red. I say there are loads of colours that you can wear that'll make you stand out.
A christmas party means alot of drinking and dancing and generally socialising with people,so it always works to be comfortable and free to move around.
I have compiled a few outfits that i think will work for any party this season and like always i hope this post will inspire someone somewhere.

Yello! This cute yellow dress will definitely make you the light of the party.

Don't know what colour to choose? This colourful number is  a great idea.

You can never be too blue this season. Get that blue dress and make a statement.

For me, pink is the new red. A cute dress like this is perfect for your office end of year gathering.

You can also shimmer in gold at any christmas party this season. Here are some dress ideas.

And if you want to cover up a bit,here are some floor length gown ideas.
Want to wear pants without having to worry about a top.Try out something like this red jumpsuit which retails for $79 at

These are my picks for this year,hope you like them.What will you be wearing this year?

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