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Friday, December 12, 2014

Winter trend: Wear a Trench as a Dress.

So a few days ago,we had a christmas dinner at work. It turned out to be really fun. It's the first i've been to since i joined the company and i really enjoyed myself.

Anyhoo, before all the fun,i was faced with a dilemma of finding the appropriate outfit for it. You see,i didn't want to be over dressed or under dressed since it was a gathering with my co-workers. At the end, i opted for a look that has been trendy for ages. I wore my trench as a dress.

The trench as a dress look is a perfect way to have a two in one outfit. It is a coat that can also be worn as a dress,what else can be better than that? It is perfect for the fall/winter season beacause you can stay warm and look good too. So why not invest in a stylish trench this season. Burberry are known for their chic coats, if that's too pricy then you can get one from any highstreet store around you.

Here are some tips on how to wear your trench as a dress:
1. Don't wear it to any outdoor events like a beach party or something in the park or out in the garden.Most trench are long sleeved and would suit better in cooler temperatures.
2. Accessorize your coat as you would a dress so it can look less like a coat.

At the end, this was how i looked...didn't know i had a torn sock until after the dinner. Oh well,it's all fashionable;) I am wearing a trench from Aurafashionno 2012 fall/winter collection.

Here are some celebrities who rock or have rocked this trend:

Victoria Beckham

Kim Kardashian-West

Kate Middelton

Rene Zellweger

Kate Moss

All these women and loads of others continue to rock this trend. If my post has inspired you today,then you should be thinking of buying yourself one this season. Let me know what you think.Share your tips and inspiration with me ☺

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