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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Some Runway trends to expect this Spring

So, this is my first post this year,don't blame me,blame my crazy work hours. In this short post i want to highlight some runway fashion trends to expect this spring. You can say spring is a couple of months away but its never too early to start preparing and stocking those wardrobes.
I am just going to mention five trends to look out for in spring.

1. Romantic Lace
This soft and seductive lace were all over the runways at fashionweek and should be expected on highstreet this spring. 

 2. Fringe
Fringes have been around since 2014,they continue to get popular and will still be trendy this spring.

3. Cropped Pants
Cropped pants were also popular on the runway and we have already started to see alot of these .

 4. Flared Pants
Yep! The 70's is back.Flared Pants were a hit on the runway.When wearing these,think proportion,very important.

 5. Military
And last but not the least Military style colours are already popular and will continue to be through out the spring/summer season.

So,these are my five runway trends for the spring season. What are your thoughts and which of these will you be rocking ?

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